Police warn of fraudsters pretending to represent BPS


Source: Brandon Police Service Media Release

Recently, call takers at Brandon Police Service advise that they have received calls concerning a common fraud, in which fraudsters call victims, while pretending to represent government agencies.

Some individuals who have received these calls are reporting that the fraudsters are now pretending to represent employees from Brandon Police Service, and the number that appears on call display mimics the official Brandon Police Service phone number.

Please be advised that fraudsters use software that will display the number of the government agency or business they are fraudulently representing.

Some individuals have been threatened by fraudsters with arrest warrants should they not comply with the financial demands. Brandon Police Service does not collect money for taxes, court fees or fines.

If you are the recipient of a phone call, in which the individual is threatening arrest should you fail to comply with their demand for personal information and payment, simply hang up.

Do not give personal information, such as your SIN, or financial information to anyone over the phone. If you have mistakenly provided this information to fraudsters, and have been the victim of fraud, please call 204-729-2345 to make a report.