Province lowering vehicle registration fees

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The Manitoba government is continuing to support Manitoba families with an $11-million program that will reduce vehicle registration fees by 10 per cent beginning July 1, Crown Services Minister Jeff Wharton announced today.

“After your home, your car is likely your next biggest expense, and reducing these fees is another step toward making life more affordable for Manitobans,” said Wharton. “As a result of COVID-19, we’re working hard across government and with our partners to find ways to provide relief to Manitobans who need it now more than ever.”

Most Manitobans will benefit from a $15 decrease to the existing $154 vehicle registration fee as a first step to reverse a 30 per cent increase in these fees in 2012 by the previous administration, the minister noted. The registration fee applies to non-commercial vehicles and trucks, resulting in an annual registration fee of $139. Non-commercial vehicles include passenger cars, sport utility vehicles, light trucks, farm vehicles, motorcycles/mopeds and personal-use trailers and trucks. The existing fee for the registration of government and municipal vehicles will continue.

Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) administers and collects vehicle registration fees on behalf of the provincial government.

“These savings are in addition to the up to $110 million in rebate cheques that MPI is returning to its policyholders at the end of May to early June,” said Wharton. “With a healthy reserve fund and fewer claims during this COVID-19 period, MPI is in a strong financial situation to move forward with these rebate cheques to support Manitobans.”

Rebates are based on what policyholders paid last year and is expected to be around 11 per cent, or between $140 to $160, per average policyholder.

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(Province of MB News Release)