Province Supports Three Crime Stoppers Organizations Serving Manitoba

Photo: Brandon Police Service Twitter

In celebration of National Community Safety and Crime Prevention Month, the Manitoba government is investing in crime prevention and community outreach programs by providing $51,000 in funds to support the ongoing work of Crime Stoppers in Manitoba, Justice Minister Cameron Friesen announced today.

“We are proud to partner with police agencies, Crime Stoppers, and the community to enhance public safety,” said Friesen. “$11,000 are being directed to conduct presentations on crime prevention to local schools in Brandon and Westman Immigrant Services.”

The minister noted that a vehicle has been donated to Brandon Crime Stoppers and is the second vehicle donated through the program; the first was provided to Winnipeg Crime Stoppers in 2018. The Brandon Crime Stoppers co-ordinator uses the vehicle to travel to community organizations to promote programming.

“Brandon Crime Stoppers board members were extremely excited to receive the donated vehicle from Manitoba Justice Criminal Property Forfeiture Branch which will be an asset to the Crime Stoppers Program,” said Rick Thomson, chair, Brandon Crime Stoppers. “Brandon Crime Stoppers board would like to thank the Criminal Property Forfeiture Unit of Manitoba Justice for all their assistance in making this vehicle donation happen.”

Brandon Crime Stoppers will receive $11,000 to help fund community outreach materials and equipment. A vehicle valued at approximately $32,500 forfeited to the province this year as proceeds of crime was donated to Brandon Crime Stoppers. It will be part of the organization’s community outreach activities.

Winnipeg Crime Stoppers and Manitoba Crime Stoppers will also receive $28,000 and $12,000 respectively to fund community outreach materials, equipment and to support the awards program for callers who provide information.

Since its inception in 2009, the Criminal Property Forfeiture Fund has distributed more than $19.9 million back to communities throughout the province. The criminal property forfeiture program seizes and liquidates criminal assets and redirects funding to projects and initiatives designed to protect Manitobans and enhance public safety. The funds are provided to organizations across Manitoba whose important initiatives continue to build community, invest in youth and support victims of crime.

For more information about the Crime Stoppers organizations serving Manitobans, visit:

(Province of MB News Release)