Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba monitoring the situation with Covid-19

Photo: Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba

The Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba is monitoring the situation with Covid-19 very closely. The health and safety of our fairgoers is always a top priority. As Royal Manitoba Winter Fair is fast approaching, we are continuing to monitor the situation and develop and improve our plans based on facts we receive directly from Manitoba Health. We do have extensive handwash and hand sanitizer stations at all our events and we have increased the number of units for the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair 2020. We are in contact with Manitoba Health on a regular basis for all our events. We have requested extra support and contact with them for our protocols based on the facts that they have immediate access to.

Manitoba Health is very pleased with our protocols and facilities for handwashing and sanitizing. We have always encouraged people to wash their hands to promote healthy lifestyle for all our attendees and this year will be even more noticeable with public awareness greater and our own increased capacity (we have hand wash and hand sanitizer stations throughout the facility).

We are working directly with the great Keystone Centre facility to ensure that any additional steps needed for biosecurity and environmental cleanliness are being taken in the entire facility. We are also developing plans with our First Aid support St John Ambulance and our security staff from Paladin security.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and will update as needed