Ready DeadSet and GO


After sitting with the owners of DeadSet Fitness (B2-650-1st St) tonight, I really got the impression that they truly have an amazing passion and interest in helping clients get into better shape.

This is not your typical “gym” where you show up and go through the motions, at DeadSet their staff and trainers really do take a focus on your progress and to get to your end goal.

Chris Menzies and Brooke Huculak have basically pushed it all in like a hand of Texas Hold Em. They have put their assets, and also heart and soul, into making DeadSet a unique functional fitness training centre for Brandon and Westman residents.

The staff includes 7 certified members that can assist you with the basics to the advanced athletes.

Click here to view their staff

A common thread in training facilities and or gyms is: how does the starter or fitness beginner go in feeling like they will not be overwhelmed? Chris and Brooke both said that regardless of your fitness level you will go at your speed.

Chris said that this is also a very social place where classes of people meet before and socialize after their classes to talk about what they did good and maybe not so good.

Want to try it out? Contact DeadSet and they can arrange a time and day for you to see their operation.

One thing at BDNMB.CA is that our motto is to try and help young up and coming entrepreneurs such as Chris and Brooke and we wish them well in this venture.