Revitalizing Our Ice Rink: An Update on Community Sportsplex

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The City of Brandon is pleased to provide an update on the progress for Brandon’s Community Sportsplex. Last year, we asked for your feedback on the future of this crucial community resource. We want to thank you for your input and support as we work to revitalize this vital community asset.

Our Community Sportsplex is more than just a facility; it’s the foundation of our community where children, seniors, and families come together to have fun, stay healthy, create lasting memories, and build community spirit.

The Sportsplex ice arena has been shut down since March 2023 due to safety issues with an obsolete ammonia ice plant. The decision to install a new ice plant rather than repairing the old one was based on the priority of ensuring the well-being of our residents. The new facility will exceed current safety standards, offering a secure environment for everyone.

The total cost of the project is estimated at $6.5 million, up from the initial projected cost of $4 million. The new upgrades include the new ice plant, as well as improvements to the ventilation, dehumidification, and cooling systems, along with the replacement of the cooling lines under the concrete pad. All this will extend the life of the facility and reduce operating costs. The upgrades to the ice arena should be finished by late 2025.

We have secured $3.9 million in Strategic Infrastructure Funding from the province, and we are seeking additional funding from other sources. Although several grant opportunities have been explored and applications submitted, the City has not yet been successful in receiving funding. To ensure work can continue, we are proposing to borrow up to $3.5 million to cover expected costs of the Sportsplex Ice Arena and additional future upgrades.

A public hearing will take place at the regular Council Meeting on Monday, July 8. By-law No. 7393 will also be presented to City Council for first reading on that date, which will provide three options with a recommendation from City Administration. These proposed updates align with our vision of offering a secure and updated ice arena for our community.

We encourage our community to stay involved and informed as we go through the developments that will shape the future of our Sportsplex, a key element of recreation and community life in Brandon. Together, we will ensure that our Sportsplex remains a safe and valued space for generations to come.