Short Term Rentals On Thin Ice


The RM of Harrison which includes Onanole – Clear Lake and Sandy Lake plus other communities is in the process of attempting to ban short term rentals such as and

A delegation of people that own and operate short term rentals such as Airbnb in Onanole and Clear Lake have of course lots to say about this proposition being put in front of Council and the Reeve.

Bear’s Den Cabin located near Clear Lake

Short term rentals which would be classified as under 30 day rentals would be banned if this agreement is passed.  According to the committee they have made attempts to give suggestions and proposals but they say that the current council isn’t interested at all according to Connor Ross.

Local Real Estate Agent Tyler Plante says he hopes that board members take into account both sides of the coin. He believes there should be a set of rules/bi-laws to hold STR units accountable. He also hopes the board is taking into consideration the local economy/tourism boost. Within their development they employ all local services/management, and have a welcome package highlighting every single local business. “I’m sure a reasonable middle ground can be met to accommodate both local residents, and business owners” says Plante.

Tyler Plante

Local Onanole resident Trevor Robins says he sees zero wrong with short term rentals or Airbnb rentals.  “This brings in new money to the community which hasn’t seen much happen in the way of new industry and tourism over the past two decades”.

Tristen and Trevor Robins

BDNMB.CA attempted to speak to Ralph Clark and others in regards to this motion but they decided to not give us any quotes at this time.