Small Businesses Work Together To Build “Destination” Experience

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Three local business owners are bringing their services together to create a unique offering and experience in Brandon’s east end, merging home and garden products, landscaping services, boutique floral services and artisan foods and coffee.

This new destination will be situated on the current grounds of The Green Spot. “There hasn’t been much change on the property of The Green Spot since the early 1990’s,” says Bernie Whetter, Green Spot owner, “but it’s time for a change. New build, new opportunities, new relationships. We are expanding our store by 5500 sq ft. The expansion will include smooth entry into a centralized and spacious retail space giving shoppers the chance to explore a unique and inspirational shopping experience in every direction.

“But the expansion doesn’t just include the already on-site services. Shaun Fjeldsted and the entire team of The BloomBox is excited to be joining the fold at the greenhouse. “We’ve seen a lot of change since purchasing the shop in 2008, which was originally a franchise. But now, after becoming an independent florist and having spent more than 30 years in the same location we will be relocating to a brand new space, custom built to offer premium floral arrangements to help strengthen relationships, give love and support, and celebrate life’s special moments. We are here to help convey your feelings, and this shift gives us the ability to offer expanded capacity, product lines, new events, along with additional local products for our clients.

Photo: The BloomBox

“Going forward guests can expect an experience that extends into other areas as well, with the installation of coffee and food services from Chez Angela Bakery and Café. “This is a big shift in how we can serve our guests,” says James Chambers, General Manager. “It is thrilling to be able to reach more foot traffic and share our from-scratch, local-first philosophy on baking with our community.” His partner and company founder Angela Chambers says the whole staff is looking forward to the new location. “A garden café experience could add a lot of sunshine in the middle of winter,” she added. “Or, imagine sipping on a latte on an early Saturday morning as you admire the tropicals, or browse for annuals and vegetables for your spring garden. It’s going to be wonderful.

“And, while the core values of service and hospitality will remain the same for all three, independent small businesses, Whetter says that you can expect something entirely new. “Oh, everyone should be ready for change! Nothing is where it used to be. We are re-arranging all merchandise in a loop layout displaying all products along an easy-to-follow pathway. We will add places for our customers to relax and enjoy a tropical sanctuary. With this new space, we will be adding more product lines making the Green Spot Home & Garden a shopping destination for every occasion 12 months of the year.”

“It’s great to be part of a community of like-minded owners,” adds Fjeldsted. “We can’t wait to be together in the final space.”

(The BloomBox Press Release)