Snap a photo of yourself next to a cut-out of Bernie Sanders, in support of the Samaritan House

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For those people who do not photoshop, never heard of photoshop,
can’t make your kids photoshop or just dont have the time to photoshop…yourself and the delightful Bernie Sanders and his Mittens. COME TO WEBBER PRINTING – He’s onsite for three whole days!!

THIS WEDNESDAY, January 26, THURSDAY, January 27 & FRIDAY, January 28 from 8am to 5pm – you can drive up and get your picture or pictures with The MAN or Cut-Out Himself!! Take as many selfies as you like, keep them as souvenirs, share them on Facebook (just don’t forget to tag Webber Printing) or Instagram and share with friends. If you can, bring a donation for Samaritan House! There is a box directly beside Mr Bernie.

Please remember your COVID 19 Protocols and restrictions social distancing will apply.