Statement On Brandon City Plan Open Houses

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The City of Brandon has been working on the Brandon City Plan, a 30-year vision for the City of Brandon since January 2022. Over 100 public engagement sessions have been held by the Planning & Buildings Department with over 2,000 residents participating in the project and providing feedback that formed the vision. The project is currently in the final phase of community engagement where residents are being asked to view and confirm the vision.

Recently, two public engagement events were held at community centres. A small group of citizens used these events to discuss theories not related to the Brandon City Plan project and city staff were treated disrespectfully.

Democracy and freedom of speech is important to the City of Brandon. However, due to such inappropriate and unsafe behaviour, all Brandon City Plan public engagement has been paused.

The City will continue the pathway to establish a City Plan that represents our entire community. Updates regarding the Brandon City Plan will be provided in the future.