Talking Toonies, local podcast focused on helping people manage their money better


A brand new podcast is focusing on helping people manage their money better. Talking Toonies is created and hosted by local Brandon teacher/ school counsellor Nick Onischuk.

Each month Talking Toonies shares a 15 minute topic-specific episode focused on helping you, the listener, manage your money better. Episode topics range from tracking your money, budgeting, debt, the cost of raising kids, large purchases, investing, and retiring, to name a few.

“Being in education as a teacher and school counsellor, I believe in educating and encouraging people to be the best they can be. The same is true with your money. We here on Talking Toonies are average people explaining average money concepts with the hopes of creating a not so average financial future for you, the listener.”

Talking Toonies Podcast is sponsored by Sunrise Credit Union. “Their support shows their commitment to financial education and their focus on the local community.”

Some months, creator Nick Onischuk is joined by his co host Bryce Ketcheson and other months, special financial experts join the Talking Toonies podcast.

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