The Natural Elements Wellness Centre, a photo gallery/review by Caley Brown

Natural Elements Wellness Centre

Recently I had the pleasure of visiting Natural Elements Wellness Centre. They offer a variety of unique wellness services, in an incredibly beautiful spa like environment that welcomes you as soon as you step inside the front door. I would go there just to soak in the atmosphere, and shop. The treasures for sale are just another reason to go see for yourself. Candles, bath products, crystals and jewelry just to name a few!

As a registered massage therapist for almost 20 years, I’ve seen and heard about all kinds of alternative therapy and couldn’t wait to try out the float tank experience at Natural Elements. 

I really didn’t know what to expect, aside from my google search findings, however I did know it was going to be very salty. 

How salty?

1000 pounds worth. 

So floating in salty water, in a dark room, in complete isolation, void of light, sound, and smell. 

Total sensory deprivation. 

Sounds like fun doesn’t it. 

(Of course it doesn’t, it sounds terrifying)

Guess what. 

I highly recommend it. 

It’s anything but scary. 

The atmosphere is enough to calm anyone’s frazzled nerves, and the float experience is unlike anything I’ve ever tried. 

You enter a private room where there’s a place to undress and shower before entering the float chamber. 

Kori Gordon, the lovely lady who’s the face behind the incredible new business, gives you a thorough run down on exactly how to prepare yourself before you float, what to do if you’d like to ask anything or need something during your float, and what to do when you’re done. 

Ear plugs are provided so you don’t get the salt water in your ears, also to block sound, and a cloth and spray bottle with water can be taken into the float tank with you in case you get the salt water near your eyes. 

On with the floating bit. 

I’m fairly analytical, so even though I understand how salt increases the density of water which makes you float, I couldn’t quite imagine that I would float without ACTUALLY doing it myself, on purpose, because I took swimming lessons. 

Guess what. 

You’ll float. It’s so floaty. You can’t sink, even if you TRY. 

And I tried because I’m like that. I had to see. 

So if you’re scared of water, can’t swim, think you’ll fall asleep and sink, or any combination thereof, fear not. It’s not possible. 

How does it feel during the experience? Well, since it was a new experience, a fascinating one at that, I spent the first 2 minutes trying to sink myself, the next 10 minutes, observing and pondering, then the next 10 trying to relax. 

You know. 

Stop thinking. Stop making grocery lists in my head. Stop wondering how cotton candy would taste on ice cream. Stop trying to remember the name of the cool song I heard 8 years ago on American Idol….or was it at my cousins wedding……just breathe. 

After all, this is one of the main purposes of floating. It’s to shut down the senses. No seeing, no hearing, no feeling touch, (the water temperature is so perfect, ie:  not warm and not cool, that it seems to become part of you).

I managed to spend the next 10 minutes simply floating. Weightless and relaxed. The session I was booked for was an hour, however I felt like it was long enough for me at the halfway point (which is remarkable for ME to lay there at all) and so I got up, showered, dressed, and went on my way. 

My skin felt incredibly soft, I felt completely relaxed, and my back felt great. After 20 years as a registered massage therapist, I have a few of my own aches and pains that could use a little work. 

I will definitely be going back to float again!  The therapeutic benefits are undeniable and I highly recommend it to anyone!

Natural Elements Wellness is located at 2940 Victoria Avenue South. 

Natural Elements Wellness Centre
Natural Elements Wellness Centre
Natural Elements Wellness Centre
Natural Elements Wellness Centre
Natural Elements Wellness Centre
Natural Elements Wellness Centre
Natural Elements Wellness Centre