Top 10 Questions left to be answered in Brandon: Summer 2019 Edition


The biggest question trending to date this summer in Brandon is whether or not the new Gambler First Nation Business Park will entertain some sort of casino or gaming centre. As this discussion remains on-going in coffee shops, work spaces and social media, we at wanted like to ignite some conversation on several other topics making the rounds in Brandon currently. Therefore, listed below are the “Top 10 Questions Left to be Answered in Brandon This Summer”. In no particular order.

10.  The search for a new GM continues for the Wheat Kings. Will head coach David Anning and assistant coach Don MacGillivray be back behind the Wheat Kings bench to start the 19/20 season?

9. Have Brandon drivers finally learned how to merge lanes, or is it time for another digital sign on 18th Street heading northbound towards the Daly Overpass?

8. Will another restaurant fill the space most recently vacated by Astoria Pizza, or is the location cursed?

7. Speaking of pizza, has anyone tried Red Swan Pizza? According to their web site, they are planning on opening a location (Unit D – 1122 18th Street) in Brandon this summer. (calls/emails from to confirm have not yet been returned)

6. How many fans can the Wheat City Whiskey Jacks attract on night 7 of an 8-game home-stand?

5.  Festival Park is open (Brandon Riverbank Discovery Centre). What concerts, if any, will be held at the amphitheatre? It seats up to 3,000 people.

4. Will be launching a classified section and business directory?

3. The meth crisis in Brandon, what can be done about it?

2. What will become of the development on the property located at 1108-18th Street (old Shell gas location) in regards to a potential tenant and future site development? Could it be a bank?

  1. What new questions/information will arise in the coming months allowing us to publish a second edition of “ Top 10 Questions Left to be Answered in Brandon this Summer.”