Using trees as pylons, video captures kids skating on grandfather’s frozen front lawn


A really fun and interesting video recently surfaced online of a youth hockey player weaving his way through a series of trees before rifling a shot on net, in what looked like in a residential front yard. We reached out to the family to acquire additional information to share with our followers.

The boy in the video is Reid Luhowy, 11 year old son of Troy and Michele Luhowy of Rossburn, MB.  He plays hockey with the Tri Valley Titans peewee team. (Rossburn, Foxwarren and St. Lazare). The video was shot at his grandfather’s (Nelson Luhowy) yard in Rossburn on April 16/20.  Reid and his 10 year old sister, Addison, spent 2 hours a day from April 13 to April 16 on the frozen yard until the weather became too warm and melted their make shift arena!!

Reid and his 10 year old sister, Addison

Reid’s favorite NHL team is the Montreal Canadiens and his favorite player is Carey Price. Cody McLeod is the favorite player that he personally knows as they spend the summer at the same lake.  Reid and Addison also have a favorite future future NHL’er. This is their cousin, Tristen Robin’s, they are excited and hopeful he gets drafted by the Canadiens!! They both look up to Tristen and wished he could of come out and joined them to see how fast he could go through the “pylons”!!!

The four days they were able to play during this pandemic were able to give them some closure to a hockey season that ended abruptly on March 6th one day before Reid and the Titans were to compete in provincials.  They both can hardly wait until next year when they are back in the rinks!!

The entire video can be watched here.