Weddings & Events By Crafty Abby


Today BDNMB.CA traveled to 1625 – 1st Street to the home of a new local business; Weddings & Events by Crafty Abby.  We had the opportunity to speak with the owner Abby Wenger to get a better understanding of her business. She made a huge leap and turned her passion into a dream job.

BDNMB.CA – How long have you been in business and in the location you are in now?

Abby – We started the business last year, operating at home. as a part time business, as I just enjoy making arrangements. But we grew faster than expected and rented a small space on 18th street as a front showroom, but we outgrew the space in 2 months, and we are now in a bigger and better location 1625 1st street, more space for showroom, parking for clients and trailers for storage. We moved in our new location in Mid August.

BDNMB.CA – What is your background ?

Abby – I have the Personal Financial Planner designation, worked for a bank for 14 yrs, as Sr. Financial Advisor for Business. But I’ve always loved making pretty things, doing decorations, making flower arrangements, and planning an event. I was the President of the Filipino Community for 2 terms. Then I was planning on opening a flower shop when I retire from the bank. But fate had brought me to where I am, I’m so happy that I took the leap and made my passion into a real job, my dream job.

BDNMB.CA – Do you have lots of local competition if so how is your business different than your competitors?

Abby – I’d say there are few in town that have some decors, but majority of them are complimentary to what we have, and we worked well together. What separates us apart from others were that we are the very first that introduced several decors and arrangements like Flower Towers, Boho Towers, Head Table arrangements and Backdrop Florals, we are also known for our Boho Centrepieces, and bouquets.  Aside from decor rentals, we also make customizable bouquets and all kinds of flower decors using real pampas grass, and high quality silk flowers. Brides can rent floral bouquets for their bridesmaids if budget is tight. We’ve also introduced the Diamond Arch and flower wall which are very popular. Everything is customizable, basically we make the bride’s vision come to life. We also offer decorations by request, if we don’t have them we will make them or order them. We offer different kinds and colours of flowers, centrepieces, we also personalized Sign boards. Our prices are very reasonable, we get orders from other provinces as well.

BDNMB.CA – Have you embraced technology to make your business more accessible to new and old customers.

Abby – We have a website where clients can reach us, we use IG and FB for all of our marketing exposures, and majority of our clients came from word of mouth. Happy clients that have referred us to their friends.

BDNMB.CA – What does it usually cost for your services ( on average )

Abby – Depending on the request and needs. Bridesmaids bouquets starts at $35 to $45, boutonnières are $15, however we always works with clients budget and can adjust the floral requirements and style according to what they would like. We have every decors for every bride, from a tight budget to a glam wedding! We basically have everything except table cloths and napkins. We also offer set up  and take down services, we’ve recently travelled outside MB to do a 3-day wedding. We also offer shipping, and have done several events in surrounding areas of Brandon.

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