Westman and Area Traditional Christmas Dinner looking for volunteers


No one should be alone at Christmas, but feeding 2000 + people each Christmas with another 1500 home deliveries to those that can’t make it in, takes time, people, food and money! Help support an amazing cause by donating whatever you can at www.gofundme.com/traditional-christmas-dinner, or by contacting them if you would like to donate food or volunteer your time.

To see the different volunteer opportunities, please see the chart below.


Dec 21 (12pm) Turkey Prepping
Dec 21 (8pm) Turkey Cooking
Dec 22 (8am) Turkey Carving
Dec 22 (1pm) Stuffing and Veggie cutting
Dec 23 (8am) Turkey Carving
Dec 23 (12pm) Potato peeling/mashing & wrapping presents
Dec 24 (1pm) Stuffing – mixing and cooking
Dec 25 (7am) Turkey Carving
Dec 25 (7:30am) Kitchen help
Dec 25 (8:30am) Preparing Take out meals
Dec 25 (11:30am – 6pm) Serving tables