Westman Communications Group Announces Wi-Fi 6 Is Now Available Through Enhanced Home Wi-Fi

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Westman Communications Group (Westman) continues to be a leader in the
communications industry with its recent launch of the cutting-edge Wi-Fi 6 technology. Wi-Fi 6 is available through Westman’s Enhanced Home Wi-Fi service and aims to improve efficiency and provide a better online user experience.

“With more connected devices and the rise of smart homes, our customers require a higherquality bandwidth connection,” said Westman’s Chief Customer Officer, John Quail. “By introducing Wi-Fi 6 capabilities, we were able to put the best of two worlds together to offer our customers more reliability throughout the home while providing the speed they need for all their connected devices.”

Other improvements customers will experience are longer device battery life, putting devices to sleep that are not transmitting data and less Wi-Fi interference, especially individuals living in an apartment or condominium.

To tie the entire user experience together, customers will have the option to download the My Westman Wi-Fi app, which puts them completely in control of their network. The My Westman Wi-Fi app allows customers to run a bandwidth test, view device usage, enable new services, set time limits, parental controls, and so much more.

Westman’s Enhanced Home Wi-Fi powered by Wi-Fi 6, is available to all new and existing
customers. To enjoy the benefits of Wi-Fi 6, customers will need to use compatible devices. To learn more information on Westman’s Enhanced Home Wi-Fi, visit https://westmancom.com/wifi6.