Westman Communications Group Pledges to Keep Members Connected


Westman Communications Group (Westman) is supporting its communities by initiating their “90-Day Pledge to Keep You Connected.”

Starting March 27, for the next 90 days, Westman is committing to their valued Residential and Small Business Members that their services will not be disconnected if Members are unable to pay their bills due to economic circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Westman will also be waiving all late fees incurred because of these disruptions.

“As we continue to navigate through this difficult time together, the wellbeing of our staff, members, and communities is our top priority,” explained President & CEO Dave Baxter. “We know that now, more than ever, keeping people connected to broadband services is extremely important, which is what drove our decision to implement our 90-Day Pledge.”

While many people are transitioning to working remotely, online schooling, and video chatting with family and friends, broadband has become a critical service to keep people connected and informed as they take part in important ‘social distancing’ practices. Westman Communications will do their part in keeping everyone connected and lessen the financial impact of COVID-19.

“In addition to keeping customers connected, we will be increasing the speeds of all our Internet service packages by up to 20 percent for 90 days at no additional cost,” adds Baxter. “We are also committed to maintaining a robust, reliable network that our Members can count on,”

Baxter also noted that they will not be implementing rate adjustments for any services. The rate adjustments that were communicated to members in early February to take effect April 1 will be deferred to September 1. Members who have already been billed for parts of April will receive a credit adjustment on their next bill.

For more information on Westman’s 90-day Pledge to Keep You Connected and the other ways they are assisting their customers though these difficult times, visit www.westmancom.com/90-day-pledge.

(Westman Communications Group Media Release)