WestMan Mediation Services announces a new service line for WestMan


After 15 + successful years in criminal mediation WestMan Mediation Services (WMS) is expanding into Civil Mediation.  Their civil mediation practice will focus on:

  • Cohabitation and Pre-nuptial agreements
  • Child Custody arrangements
  • Separation agreements

With Manitoba’s Family Law Modernization Act people are to resolve issues outside of the traditional court system (mediation) as it is viewed to be more fair, more economical and expeditious.

The WMS team brings both formal mediation education and years of experience.  They have spoken nationally and internationally in mediation and restorative justice practices.

This combination of theory and practice is unique to WestMan and makes Travis and Michelle fully qualified to get to a resolution quickly.  Their process is completely transparent to both parties in dispute and allows for open, fair, and respectful resolutions.

What is mediation?

Travis – Simply put, mediation is a negotiation between parties, assisted by a neutral. While the mediator is not empowered to impose a settlement, the mediator’s presence alters the dynamics of the negotiation and often helps shape the final settlement.

Why not just go to court and get it done?

Michelle –
Conducted properly, mediation can allow all parties involved to move away from legal concepts such as fault or blame and instead, allow for a sharing of people’s perceptions and experiences and a determination of each party’s actual needs and interests.

What should I expect in mediation?


During a mediation, both the parties and the mediator have certain responsibilities. The parties must attend, as requested, all mediation sessions and participate in the process in good faith. The mediator should remain dispassionate and avoid becoming partial to one party or view.

Everyone should feel safe and all statements and disclosures made and information and documents provided to the mediator are confidential, subject to application of the Access to Information Act and Privacy Act.

What makes WestMan Mediation different from others in WestMan?


We are proud to announce we are now accredited through the Alternate Dispute Resolution Institute of Manitoba Inc.  Further, we are the only accredited agency in WestMan that focuses on separation and child custody arrangements.

If you have any questions Travis and Michelle encourage you to check with them to determine you rights and best way forward for your dispute.

www.westmanmediation.ca or call Travis (204.724.4460) or Michelle (204.901.4901)