Westman Multicultural Festival Welcomes New Pavilion


The Westman Multicultural Festival (WMF) Society is pleased to announce that a new pavilion will be joining the cultural festival this year. Jamaica will be the newest country to be showcased at the 16th annual event which will be held January 31, February 1 and 2, 2019.

“We’re very happy to be able to highlight Jamaica as part of the Westman Multicultural Festival. Planning for our new pavilion is well underway and while it’s somewhat nerve-wracking to host a new pavilion we have a lot of support and a lot of enthusiastic people helping to put it all together,” said Emelio Brown, President of the Westman Jamaican Community Inc.

Ten pavilions will take part in the three-day festival, which is more than in the previous two
years. They include England, Honduras, India, Jamaica, Mauritius, Métis, Mexico, Philippines, Scotland, and Ukraine. As well, the society is more than pleased to welcome back the Mauritius pavilion after a one-year hiatus.

During the past 15 years, Westman residents have become accustomed to celebrating the
broad cultural diversity within our community as they visit the various host pavilions at locations throughout the city. This signature event in Brandon has become a welcome winter respite as festival goers enjoy warm friendship, food, beverages, entertainment, art and customs from around the world.

Volunteers and organizers have already been planning for months to ensure they are prepared for the thousands of visitors that they will welcome to their individual pavilions. It is estimated that 26,000 – 30,000 people attend the event each year. The festival is entirely run by 100s of volunteers recruited by the various cultural societies and associations that host the pavilions.

Admission to each pavilion is once again free and free bus service will also be available
(including handi transit) making this a very popular, inclusive, family event.

Details on the festival can be found on the website: www.gotothepavilions.com. Follow them on Twitter @wmmfest, Instagram and Facebook /wmmfest. #gotothepavilions #pavilions2019