Wicked good BBQ, perfect for a day trip

Smoked wings.
One of my favorite things to do during the summer is hop in the vehicle and go on a road trip to different hidden gems in rural Manitoba. If you are like me and also enjoy doing that, I have the place for you.
Located just less than 2 hours away from Brandon on Highway 23, 10 km west of Miami you will find what could the pinnacle of rural Manitoba hidden gems at Two Old Crows BBQ & Smokehouse. As soon as you pull into the lane and get out of your vehicle you will be met with the smell of delicious BBQ wafting through the yard. There you will find a trailer with two smokers and a menu full of some of the best BBQ meats you will find in Manitoba. You will also find amazing customer service by two people ready to take you on unreal food journey.
Two Old Crows BBQ & Smokehouse
Whether it’s the pulled pork, brisket, the Texas cheese steak, the smoked wings or the pork belly that melts in your mouth you will not be disappointed by what you order off the menu. In addition to the meat you will also get a hefty portion of sides whether it’s fries or onion rings. If my words don’t sway you just check out the pictures.
You can check their Facebook page here for any daily specials, their menu and hours of operation. Now what are you waiting for? Jump in the car and experience it for yourself.
Pulled pork sandwich, onion rings, fries, Texas Cheese Steak, & brisket
Texas Cheese Steak
Perfectly seasoned home fries.
Two Old Crows BBQ & Smokehouse