$100,000 winner in Brandon keeps calm and collected

Photo: WCLC

Brandon resident Wayne Suski took home a cool $100,000 thanks to the EXTRA he added to his ticket for the October 19 LOTTO 6/49 draw.

He purchased his ticket from Quik stop at 1505 B 1st Street in Brandon on October 14. He won by matching the last six digits of the winning EXTRA number – 2917609.

A month later, Suski t was at the store when he asked the cashier to check some of his tickets for him . After a few non-winners, the cashier scanned the last ticket and discovered he had won $100,000!

The cashier was excited, but Suski played it cool. “I was okay,” Suski said. “I did have to tell the cashier to calm down.”

Suski said he’s looking forward to using his windfall to take a vacation in the new year.

“It feels awesome,” he added.