20 Questions with Connie Lawrence


Today BDNMB.CA had the chance to give the new GM of the Keystone Centre Connie Lawrence 20 questions to get a bit of idea of who she is.

Q – What do you feel is going to be the toughest part of this new job position?
A – Changing the face of the Keystone Centre,  we want to teach people the importance of the Keystone and what it means to our economy.

Q – Favorite moment so far working at the Keystone Centre
A –  Tough question,  I have many favorite moments,  but I think the best is Ag Days this year,  a show that normally takes 36 hours to set up and watching our team come together and do it in a time crunch of 12 –  everyone worked together and it showed what true team work is all about.

Q – Does the general public not truly understand the value of the Keystone
A – I think there is a huge need to educate everyone,  most people do not know we have 11 conference rooms

Q – TV guilty pleasure
A – Caribbean Life

Q – Last three purchases on Amazon
A – Phone charger, Ben’s 30% deet Mosquito spray and a white Kimono

Q – Would you say Darryl Wolski and Jody Sass are the worst clients you have had to deal with?
A – Lol don’t even make the top 10

Q – COVID was tough on many businesses how did that effect a huge building and operation like the Keystone Centre
A –  fortunately because of the size and location we became a testing site and a vaccine site not just for Brandon but for the Westman region, which allowed us to keep most of our full time staff employed.

Q – When you go for dinner or lunch do you split the bill or pick it up yourself.
A – normally split but again depends on the reason for the dinner and whom its with

Q – What things would you like to see change in the events industry
A -Cap on concert ticket pricing

Q –  Favorite Super Bowl commercial
A – Of course anything to do with the Clydesdales and the yellow lab puppy –  the best happy cry!

Q– Are you a social media influencer
A – Not At ALL

Q – Did you have a childhood hero
A – Wayne Gretzky

Q – Describe yourself in 5 words
A –  honest, humble, compassionate, strong and driven

Q – Dog or cat person

Q – Favorite movie of all time
A – Dances with Wolves

Q– Country you would like to visit
A – Sweden

Q – Biggest pet peeve
A – Rude people

Q – What is a purchase you made that you regret today
A – lol a Pub and Grill

Q – How many hours on average do you work
A– 60 hr. a week

Q – Artist you would like to see at Country Fest
A – Jelly Roll