City police officers assaulted in two separate incidents


Assault Peace Officer / Fail to Comply with Undertaking

At approx. 3:30 AM Saturday, a taxi pulled up to the Emergency Department of the Brandon Regional Health Centre with a highly intoxicated female in the car.  The driver of the taxi spoke to police officers who were there on an unrelated matter, requesting assistance.  The officers attempted to assist in getting the 26 year old female out of the taxi and she became assaultive by kicking at the officer.  As the officer continued efforts to get her out of the taxi the female bit the officer on the hand. The female was arrested for assault peace officer, further investigation has revealed that she is not abiding by an Undertaking which stipulates that she observe a daily curfew.  The female is being held at the Brandon Police Service until sober at which time she will be released with a court date of May 23.

Assault Peace Officer  

At approx. 5:20 AM Saturday, officers were called to an address on Lark St for a highly intoxicated female causing a disturbance and refusing to leave. Prior to police arrival the female had gone outside and was throwing snowballs against the windows.  Officers attended and arrested the 22 year old female.  During arrest she kicked one of the officers and was therefore charged with assault peace officer.  She will be held until sober and then revealed with a court date of May 23.