Advocating for sustainability and opportunity motivated Cameron to run for University Ward


(BRANDON) Long-time community backer Shaun Cameron announced in May of 2018 that he will be seeking a seat at the Council table when residents go the polls October 24.

Speaking to a crowd gathered in Coronation Park, he laid out his vision for the city and the ward he hopes to represent. “I’m happy to be able to be here today, I look forward to continuing some of the work we have accomplished in the ward, and hope to bring my experience to the council table this fall”.

Cameron shared that his approach is one of balance. “I’m a proponent of keeping the level of taxation affordable and predictable, while taking every opportunity we can to bring new initiatives, businesses and growth to the city”.

The father of two who lives in the ward has a long public service and volunteer history that dates back to his years working with the Brandon School Division at Vincent Massey High School. “I had the good fortune as a by-product of my work there to volunteer coach with some really successful football and baseball programs, I probably spent as much time volunteering on the field after hours as I did paid in the classroom” Cameron joked. “It really lit a spark for me. I wanted to become involved in the community and to work at supporting community initiatives, especially with our youth, something that carried over into serving many years as the Referee in Chief for Westman Youth Football”.

His first foray into municipal programming came in 2010, when he was appointed to the Downtown Development Group. Cameron would serve as chairperson for the group through 2014, when he and his family would move home to the Valleyview area. From there, his involvement has included work with the Valleyview Community Centre, as well as serving as the area representative on the Central Council of Community Centres, an advisory body that oversees all centres in the city. “I have truly enjoyed being at the ground level of helping build our community. I plan to work hard to represent the ward, while building on every opportunity available to grow our city” said Cameron.

Cameron is a small business owner and spent time in media with CKX television as well as being a long-time Brandon Sun columnist. He would eventually come back to the education field in his current role as Secretary to the Board of Governors with Assiniboine Community College.

“I believe in a balanced approach that will work to bring opportunity to the community, while remaining mindful of costs. We have to view our approach to taxation as we would spending in our own households. If we can afford to take on a particular project (like we would at home), or can see the community benefit in doing so then we should. If we have concerns then those concerns should be addressed prior to spending.”


Cameron continues to volunteer with his local community centre, which hosts a daycare program, as well as youth activity programming. Valleyview Community Centre is also the future site of City of Brandon Recreation Hub and Splash Park, slated to open in 2019. “I’m incredibly proud of the turnaround at the community centre. It is a dedicated effort by a diverse group of people that made this come about. The challenges we faced there are a microcosm of the challenges a city could face. The fact that we were able to work as a team to meet those challenges is incredibly heartening” he added.

“At the end of the day, I believe in hard work and the benefit that comes from that. I believe the work I have been a part of has helped better this community, and I look forward to bringing that same level of commitment to the council table”.