Beware of CRA scam, Brandon police warn


Source:  Brandon Police Service Media Release

The Brandon Police Service would like to warn the public of a telephone scam involving persons pretending to be from the Canada Revenue Agency.

In the last couple of days Police have received numerous calls in relation to people being contacted by someone representing the Canada Revenue Agency claiming that there is a Warrant for the persons Arrest for having unpaid taxes.

In some cases the CRA imposter is able to provide some personal detail to the caller making them believe the call is legitimate. They then request some sort of payment, either through a credit card or in some cases state they will even take an ITunes card by having the caller read the bar code number over the phone.

The Canada Revenue Agency will never ask for payment over the phone.

Please keep in mind that your personal information is usually found on your social media platforms and will be used during the scam to create the belief that the call is legitimate.

As a reminder your personal information can be limited by what details you post or control through your privacy settings.

If you receive a phone call like the one described DO NOT provide the caller with any personal information. If you are uncertain if the call is legitimate hang up and contact the CRA by the telephone number provided from their website. A link to their website has been provided.