Blair McDonald talks MyoFix Manual Therapy Expansion


MyoFix Manual Therapy is celebrating over 4 years in Brandon and 1 year in Regina. Over the last year we have gone from 1 therapist in Brandon to 6 therapists in 2 provinces. We strive to improve everyday with our treatments. We provide in house training for our staff to make sure we are only using up to date science when formulating our treatment plans. MyoFix views the body as the human machine and the human organism working together. I was formerly a light duty mechanic, I think this viewpoint is what really sets us apart from the the competition when it comes to incorporating the human machine with the human organism. We focus on structural integration and myofascial decompression. Our main objective is to inform you of what is happening with your body so you know what to do if your pain arises.

MyoFix sessions are claimable under “registered massage therapy” with your insurance provider.
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