Brandon Police Service to receive funding for tactical equipment

Photo: Brandon Police Service

BRANDON—The Manitoba government is investing more than $76,500 to outfit front-line Brandon Police Service (BPS) officers with tactical equipment to help keep them safe in high-risk situations, Justice Minister Cliff Cullen announced here today.

“Police officers in Brandon and throughout Manitoba put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe,” said Cullen.  “It’s important for officers to have the necessary gear to ensure they are as protected as possible.  We are proud to make this important investment in officer safety from Manitoba’s Criminal Property Forfeiture Fund.”

Funding will be used to purchase ballistic vests and helmets for members of the BPS tactical unit, ensuring they are better protected when responding to serious incidents.  A supply of tourniquets will also be purchased and carried by all BPS officers so they can provide immediate and potentially life-saving first aid to themselves or others.

“Since 2016, the Brandon Police Service has received over $450,000 from Manitoba’s Criminal Property Forfeiture Fund.  This money has been used to purchase equipment which may not have been a reality otherwise,” said Deputy Chief Randy Lewis, BPS.  “This equipment has greatly added to the efficiency and the safety of Brandon Police Service officers in their never-ending efforts to protect the citizens of Brandon.”

BPS will also receive an additional $32,500 for other specialized tools including holsters with lights, portable lights and a generator for investigations, and surveillance equipment.  In total, BPS funding from the Criminal Property Forfeiture Fund is more than $109,000 this year, Cullen added.

The minister noted more than $1.4 million will be distributed this year through the Criminal Property Forfeiture Fund to police agencies across Manitoba.  Since its inception, more than $19 million in assets has been successfully forfeited to Manitoba through criminal property forfeitures.  For more information about criminal property forfeiture, visit