BSD reprimands 5 trustees


Over the past weeks, multiple trustees have been accused of violating the Trustee Code of Conduct Policy 7.7 (Linda Ross, Jim Murray, and Kim Fallis), and Bylaw No. 9/2019 section 6.6 (Breanna Sieklicki, and Calistus Ekenna). These trustees have been issued reprimands by the board as a whole, and each member of the board has been reminded of the importance of following proper board conduct. Each Trustee has agreed to follow all division policies and bylaws going forward. The board looks forward to continuing to work together to serve the educational needs of our community.

The Board passed the following motion during the regular Board Meeting on Monday, June 26, 2023:

59/2023 That trustees Linda Ross, Jim Murray, and Kim Fallis be reprimanded for breaching Policy 7.7, and trustees Breanna Sieklicki and Calistus Ekenna be reprimanded for breaching section 6.6 of Bylaw No. 9/2019.