BSD School Closure Notice – Wednesday, April 13, 2022


We have been following the weather models for the forecasted major blizzard over the next three days.  While this weather system has been characterized as potentially the worst in decades, we have been monitoring weather information sources to gain a greater understanding of the impact on the Brandon area.

When faced with significant weather-related challenges, the Division has the following four potential responses:

  1. Rural bus routes cancelled (based on the condition of rural roads)
  2. Closure of rural schools (based on the condition of highways)
  3. Early dismissal (based on changing weather conditions during the day)
  4. School closures

While we anticipate that road conditions will still allow for schools to be open early Wednesday morning, all forecasts are pointing to the deterioration of conditions during the morning and throughout the day.  We anticipate that, at best, we would need to have an early dismissal during the school day tomorrow.  This would create safety concerns for students who walk home as well as concerns for students who depend on alternate transportation to get home.  Additionally, an early dismissal does not provide families sufficient time for their planning.

Based on the uniqueness of this weather system and safety concerns associated with a likely early dismissal, Brandon School Division Schools will be closed on Wednesday April 13th.

It is our hope that the timing of this announcement provides parents the necessary time to prepare.  We have not had a closure of all schools in Brandon for a very long time and this decision is not made lightly.

Thursday is a Professional Development Day (K-8) and Parent Teacher Interview Day (9-12).  Plans concerning Parent Teacher Interviews will be communicated to parents from their respective schools.