Building Communities Grant Program Supports Three Organizations


As an introduction to their new Building Communities Grant program and in honour of their 15th Anniversary, Sunrise Credit Union announced on November 8 that they would be giving away $15,000 in grant funding to a non-profit organization. After an overwhelming response with 58 applicants from across Southwestern Manitoba, Sunrise decided to increase the funding to three grants at $15,000 each to allow more than one project to benefit from the grant.

Sunrise Credit Union wanted to help as many community organizations as they could. Thus, they announced that not one but three winners were selected to receive $15,000 each: The Elkhorn Ice Plant Project, the Shoal Lake Aeration Project, and the Holland Outdoor Arena.

The ice plant in the Elkhorn & District Community Centre needs to be phased out due to environmental laws. As a result, if they experience a breakdown, they will not be able to repair the plant, and their regular operations will end. A new ice plant has been ordered, fundraising efforts are in full swing to ensure hockey can remain affordable in Elkhorn, and the Community Centre can continue to be a community pillar.

The Shoal Lake Aeration Project has been organized by For the Love of Shoal Lake, a local organization. Under normal circumstances, Shoal Lake is a popular angling destination that draws in thousands of fishermen a year. Due to excessive algae growth in recent years, the number of visitors to the lake has diminished. The addition of an aeration system will revitalize the lake, and its ecosystems will be protected, attracting visitors from near and far.

The Holland Agricultural Society is constructing an outdoor event arena, allowing them to host more activities on the Agricultural grounds and continue using their historical grandstands and barns. The Agricultural Society has been in Holland for over 100 years, and they are committed to enhancing, promoting, and sustaining agricultural and rural living for years to come.

“We are incredibly fortunate to be able to support local organizations that do so much for our communities,” said Sunrise Credit Union president and CEO Tim Klassen, “Because of the volume of worthwhile applicants and our desire to support our communities, we are elated to offer not just one, but three $15,000 grants.”

The Building Communities Grant Program, which will officially launch in 2024, has generated widespread buzz thanks to Sunrise’s introductory grant.

Sunrise receives hundreds of donation and sponsorship requests each year, and the newly formed Building Communities Grant Program will bring additional structure to the process. Each year, there will be two application intake periods where non-profits and community organizations can submit their project for consideration. With community betterment at the forefront of the project, the new grant program will ensure every project is given the same opportunity and platform to request funding.

The first official intake period for Sunrise Credit Union’s Building Communities Grant Program will launch in Spring of 2024. Stay tuned for further details and announcements!