City of Brandon acquires new dual purpose sidewalk clearing machines

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The City of Brandon Public Works Department is pleased to announce that they have acquired new sidewalk clearing machines that will clear and sand the sidewalks at the same time. Starting this morning, Streets & Roads crews have begun clearing the Priority 1A (P1A) route.

Priority 1A route includes:

  • Sections of Braecrest Drive, Kirkcaldy Drive, Knowlton Drive, Stickney Avenue, McDonald Avenue, Hilton Avenue, Parker Boulevard, Fred Brown Way, Pacific Avenue, Rosser Avenue, Princess Avenue, Victoria Avenue East, Lorne Avenue East, Van Horne Avenue East, McTavish Avenue East, E. Fotheringham Drive, Whillier Drive, Park Avenue, Queens Avenue, Elderwood Drive, Brandon Avenue, Willowdale Crescent, Aberdeen Avenue, Richmond Avenue, Maryland Avenue, Magnolia Drive, Lyndale Drive, Sycamore Drive, and Patricia Avenue
  • Portions of 34th Street, 26th Street, 19th Street North, 8th Street North, 13th Street, 10th Street, 9th Street, 6th Street, 1st Street, Dennis Street, 13th Street East, and 17th Street East.

Following the completion of the P1A route, crews will begin clearing and sanding the sidewalks on the Priority 1 (P1) routes, and then will finish with clearing and sanding the bike paths.

Residents can visit to stay up to date on the snow clearing. For further questions, residents can also contact the City of Brandon Streets and Roads Section at

(City of Brandon PSA)