Community Connection: 20 Questions with Carson Bjarnason


Brandon Wheat King goaltender Carson Bjarnason has had both a busy and rewarding off-season so far this summer; first winning a gold medal with his Team Canada teammates at the recent 2022 Hlinka Gretzky Cup and then backstopping 2112 Hockey Agency to a WSHL Division 1 title earlier this week. The Carberry native appeared in 23 games for the Wheat Kings last year and is listed as one of the “other notable prospects” for the 2023 NHL entry draft by Elite Prospects.

What professional athlete would you choose to be your college roommate? Kobe Bryant

Your favourite YouTube Channel ? VKGoalie30

If you could play another sport professionally what would it be? Baseball 

You get locked in Wal-Mart for 24 hours, how would you pass the time? Find all the best snacks I could and binge watch a show

If you could give someone only one recommendation where to go for pizza in Brandon, where are you telling them to go? Boston Pizza

Any game day rituals/superstitions? Not anything too special. Tape sticks, eye/hand coordination, and lots of stretching. 

What song intro will make you immediately turn up the volume? Jimmy Cooks – Drake

Would you rather go hang gliding or whitewater rafting? Hang gliding for the views

French fries or onion rings? French fries

Who inspired you as a young athlete? Carey Price

When you’re not practising or competing, how do you spend your free time? I love to listen to music, play guitar, and sketch in my book

Which one of your current teammates will one day make a great coach? Landon Roberts

Favourite all-time sports movie? I really like “42”, “Miracle”, and “The Blindside”  

What two athletes (1 male-1 female) would you like to see team-up on The Amazing Race: Michael Jordan and Serena Williams. Both highly competitive 

The NHL decides to host an exhibition game at the Keystone Centre, what two teams would you like to see take part? MTL vs. Calgary

Your fast-food guilty pleasure? Pita Pit club

A movie you would watch again tonight? Top Gun

Roller coasters or water slides? Water slides

Three most commonly used apps on your phone? Messages, Garageband, and Snapchat

Favourite restaurant to dine at when on the road with the Wheat Kings? The Red Barn, Moosomin SK