Community Connection: 20 Questions with Dave Scinocca


Dave has been involved in the golf industry for 25 years and for the past 18 has been member of the PGA of Canada. He is the head golf pro at the Wheat City Golf Course and the Shilo Country Club.

How much have you spent on your kids hockey? Way too much but totally worth it.

Does Gord Paziuk have a better short game than you do? He is the best with a 4 wood…nobody is close.

Best overall male and female golfers in Brandon? Austin Dobrescu and Shauna DanyluK

With lots of help, could I be a good golfer? Beef if you quit your job and work 8 hours a day at it perhaps.

What restaurant does Brandon need? Olive Garden that’s easy.

Hidden talent? Changing diapers.

What vehicle do you drive? 2019 Nissan Titan

Worst road in Brandon? Easy McDonald Ave is so bad

How difficult was it to be on the Canadian PGA Tour? It is very very challenging…in 2005 I played in a Nationwide event shot 83 and the leader shot 63 I knew it was time to start teaching.

Should someone own a 985 dollar putter? It is better than owning a 985 dollar driver

Number one go to pizza joint in the city? Romana’s Special

Who wins in a fight you or your brother? Maybe my brother but I can out drive him

Best and Worst feature of your job? Happy place to be and people are relaxed…downside is weather dependent and long hours.

Are you vaccinated? 100 percent

Most famous person you golfed with? Dan Halldorson

Guilty TV pleasure? Watching Montreal

Would you be a good City Council member? No

If you were Ron Francis, of the Seattle Kracken, would you have selected Carey Price in the expansion draft? 100 percent