Elton Community Centre Receives Funding from Westoba Inspire

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Westoba Credit Union (WCU) is excited to announce $3,000.00 in funding from the Westoba Inspire program to support the Elton Community Centre.

The Elton Community Centre (ECC) is located just five minutes north of Brandon, MB in the
hamlet of Forrest. ECC Treasure, Emma Kohinski recognizes the importance of this facility to not only Forrest but the surrounding area.

“The ECC is an integral part of our community and provides recreation and sport opportunities for children at a much lower cost than programs that run in larger cities,” said Kohinski. ” In the past we have had approximately 50% of our registrations from RM of Elton residents, the other 50% coming from Brandon & other communities such as Douglas, Justice, Chater, etc.”

Known locally as the Forrest Rink, the facility operates a natural ice rink for the months of
December through March (weather permitting) offering a variety of activities and events. “We offer Learn to Skate lessons and have a full hockey program for kids ages 3 and up, as well as an adult men’s rec hockey night and an annual Men’s 3 on 3 Hockey Tournament fundraiser,” said Kohinski.

Kohinski reported the facility was recently approved for an Efficiency Manitoba grant to upgrade the arena lighting having a direct impact on the revenue generating abilities of the
facility. Funds from Westoba Inspire will be used to purchase a new upgraded score clock for the arena as the current clock needs replacement.

“Having a clean, bright and professional rink will draw more spectators out to games and
tournaments which will increase our 50/50 and canteen sales, providing more profits for our community center,” said Kohinski.

The funding from Westoba Inspire is part of Westoba’s 60th anniversary celebration.
Throughout 2023 Westoba has been showing their appreciation with a $60,000.00 giveaway through Westoba Inspire and other community involvement.

President and CEO, Jim Rediger said the 60th celebrations this year and the launch of the new Purpose, Mission, Vision, and Values statements have been a highlight for him.

“Our employees at all levels have put an incredible amount of work and dedication into
celebrating this historic milestone with our communities,” said Rediger. “Investing in
community initiatives like this is important to us as it supports our cooperative principles and our purpose of empowering people and communities to thrive.”