Former BU Goalie – World Wide Internet Sensation

Photo BU Bobcats

“Look at that! Look at this! Look at that!”

Former Brandon Bobcats goalie Doug Roach recently become an overnight sensation all over the world. Roach, the play by play announcer for the Virden Oil Capitals in the MJHL, found internet stardom once Spittin’ Chiclets and TSN’s Bar Down posted a clip of Roach’s call of a goal in the MJHL on December 7, 2023.

Oil Capitals forward Roux Bazin split the Steinbach Pistons’ defence and scored a top-shelf goal to give the Capitals a 2-1 overtime win, at this point Roach was totally lost in emotion and the video put not only Roach on the radar screen but as well the MJHL.

Tyson Ramsey, Head Coach of the Virden Oil Capitals, told BDNMB.CA today “We don’t get involved or coach him on his style.  Doug is a volunteer who is happy to come and help us out and he has fun with it!  He really cares about his community and in particular the sports scene. He is genuinely excited for our players when they have success.”

The NHL and Winnipeg Jets have also embraced the audio from Roach’s video and added it to their Instagram clips.

Former Bobcats have stated that Roach was always the “class clown” and as well as a community leader.