From Treherne to a National Championship


Being a North American champion is not to be taken lightly.

Lisa Robertson, from Treherne Manitoba, has made several trips and spent countless hours training her Samoyeds and not to mention the money it takes to compete.

In Minneapolis this past weekend, her Samoyed named Jasper won North American champion amongst a field of 50 dogs.

BDNMB – Lisa what’s next the Westminster Dog Show in New York?

Lisa – The next show is the Samoyed Club Of America National Specialty In Virginia Beach, Virginia.

BDNMB – give us an idea of how time and effort goes into training and grooming.
Lisa – I train them as puppies.  No more time than what basic obedience would be.  And once they got it, I don’t train them anymore.  They become naturals.  I groom a little more than a pet owner would do, but I want their coat in tip top shape.

BDNMB – walk us through this past weekend and what’s involved
Lisa – We left Manitoba and went to Lake Elmo, Mn for specialties and all breed shows.  I had Jasper & Denali and all my show equipment.  I had reserved grooming close by with friends.  We showed once a day, a different judge every day.  My dogs enjoy travelling and staying in hotels.  They love meeting people at shows.  If they didn’t love it, I wouldn’t do it.

BDNMB – we’re you surprised with the results?
Lisa – Well I never go to a show and think I will win.  But I know I have very high quality Samoyeds from great breeders.  I fished Jasper’s American Championship the very first show.  So was very pleased.  In limited shows Jasper is the Number Two Samoyed in Canada and my Maci is the Number One Samoyed Bitch in Canada.  So very proud of my dogs accomplishments.

BDNMB – what was the winning meal for Jasper?
Lisa – Jasper loves Starbuck’s Puppiccino

Lisa Robertson (middle ) and her daughters and pups