Grandview man builds epic snowpark in his family’s backyard


For the past 10-years Grandview’s Jarett Robak has been hard at work in his family’s yard building his own personal winter wonderland. “The Cabino”, a labor of love for Jarett, is nestled nicely inside the Duck Mountains just outside of Grandview, MB. Earlier today Robak told that his family had always used the property for walking trails in the summer and as a toboggan hill in the winter. As a snowboarder he saw an opportunity to develop the land further and many years later he is extremely happy with the progress to date. The site currently includes numerous trails for snowboarding, a wood ramp with a 40-ft observation deck, lights for night snowboarding, and several rails, boxes, and jumps.

One of the biggest obstacles Robak said they had to overcome was trying to figure out an easier way back up the slope after snowboarding down the hill. In 2017, he did some research on YouTube and after a few revisions and updates the facility now has an 850-foot rope-tow to return you back up the hill.

Robak has received plenty of help and support on the project from family and friends and he’s not done just yet. Future plans include adding a second rope-tow heading the opposite way up the mountain, essentially doubling the length of the runs. Currently the runs can vary in length from 500-1000 feet. For a great video tour of “The Cabino” and it’s features please watch this YouTube video. For additional photos please follow their Instagram page here.