Hockey Brandon announces award winners

Photo: Hockey Brandon

The Hockey Brandon Awards and Coaches’ Banquet was held last evening at Houstons. The winner of each category is listed below.

ARNOLD NICHOL MEMORIAL AWARD – To the most dedicated coach(es) in the Initiation/Timbit program.
WINNER: Mike Baranyk, Trevor Bell, Tim Lang, Roland Richard (Timbits Canadiens)

DON ROBERTSON MEMORIAL AWARD – Presented to the most dedicated coach with the House League.
WINNER: Terrill Swaney (Bantam Murray Auto Group Flyers)

TORY CAMPBELL MEMORIAL AWARD – To the hardest working player in House League.
WINNER: Braden Clarke (Bantam Murray Auto Group Flyers)

HOCKEY BRANDON EXECUTIVE AWARD: Team Manager of the Year for House League
WINNER: Chris Cels (atoMc Yellow Bruins & Bantam Murray Auto Group Flyers)
WINNER: Laurie Clarke (Bantam Murray Auto Group Flyers)

LEECH PRINTING AWARD – Presented to an individual (coach, manager, parent, etc) who has demonstrated commitment, dedication & sportsmanship in Female Hockey.
WINNER: Monica Grift (Female Bantam Wheat Kings)

ASHLEY NEUFELD BRANDON SOURCE FOR SPORTS ULTIMATE TEAMMATE AWARD – Will be presented to a female player registered within Hockey Brandon who must exhibit many if not all of the following traits/practices – dedication, perseverance, respect, inspirational, positive attitude, coachable and possess strong work ethic/ability. Player must be nominated by a current teammate, coach or Hockey Brandon board member.
WINNER: Emma Ramsey (Female Bantam Wheat Kings)

BARB LEBLANC MEMORIAL AWARD – Will be presented to the female player of the year, who shows outstanding dedication, commitment and sportsmanship during the season on & off the ice.
WINNER: Taylor Bell (Female Bantam Wheat Kings)

PRECISION TOYOTA COACH OF THE YEAR – Presented to the “Rep” team coach of the year. To the coach who best exemplifies good qualities as a coach.
WINNER: Dave Newman (Peewee Minor AA Wheat Kings)

TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS PLAYER OF THE YEAR AWARD: To a long standing Hockey Brandon member who is a graduating Bantam AAA player. Who exhibits strength of character both on and off the ice while displaying outstanding skills in all phases of the game.
WINNER: Cayden Glover

WAYNE ROBERTSON MEMORIAL AWARD – Team Manager of the Year within A, AA, AAA Wheat Kings.
WINNER: Harry Crossin (Bantam AAA Wheat Kings)

BOB GILLIES MEMORIAL AWARD – To an individual who provides excellent support to a team in a non-coaching role. Someone who is always there to carry pucks, water bottles, jerseys, etc. Someone who is positive, supportive and someone who has spent a long time in the type of role.
WINNER: Gary Ward

GLEN PARKER (PRESIDENT’S) AWARD – In recognition of exemplary service to youth hockey in Brandon
WINNER: Sharon Lilley