Inmate escapee caught after brief stint of freedom, leaves trail of damage

Photo by Jeremy Champagne (Scramble Studio)

Source: BPS News Release

On Monday, 2022-12-05 at 2:40 pm, Correctional Officers from Brandon Correctional Centre were engaged in a medical escort with inmate Ryan Joseph ROULETTE at Brandon Regional Health Centre.

After ROULETTE was discharged from the hospital and upon Correctional Officers escorting the male back to a transport vehicle to return to Brandon Correctional Centre, ROULETTE refused to enter, continuing to walk past it.  Correctional Officers attempted to re-direct ROULETTE to the Correctional vehicle but he managed to slip off one handcuff and used it as a weapon striking the three Correctional Officers multiple times.  As a result, two of the officers fell to the ground with one striking their head on the pavement.  The two remaining officers were able to regain their footing and engaged ROULETTE in an attempt to subdue him; however, these attempts were unsuccessful and they were unable to prevent his escape.

Upon escaping, ROULETTE jumped over a nearby fence and approached a parked vehicle and using his loose handcuff, struck the driver’s side window of the vehicle; however, was unsuccessful in gaining access to the vehicle.   ROULETTE then continued fleeing on foot toward an occupied second vehicle, where he entered it, placing himself in the passenger seat and demanding the occupant to drive.  The driver refused to comply with ROULETTE’s request and was pushed out of the vehicle while parked.  Upon fleeing the scene in the vehicle, ROULETTE reversed into an additional occupied vehicle parked behind it as well as a secondary vehicle parked in front.  After hitting these vehicles, ROULETTE drove over the curb and onto the sidewalk, forcing a Correctional Officer to jump out of the way to avoid injury and narrowly missing a cyclist.

At 2:52 pm, a witness phoned BPS to advise a suspicious vehicle driving along Pacific Avenue.  Police attended to area and located ROULETTE driving the vehicle and a subsequent traffic stop was attempted.  ROULETTE proceeded to maneuver around the police cruiser and fled the attempted stop, striking another parked vehicle and eventually losing control and hitting yet an additional three other parked vehicles.  Responding BPS members on scene were able to remove ROULETTE from the driver’s seat as he actively resisted their efforts.  ROULETTE was successfully taken into custody after being Unlawfully at Large for a period of 17 minutes.  He was returned to Brandon Correctional Centre by members of BPS and placed back into the custody of Correctional Services.

On December 8th, 2022 a member of the BPS Major Crimes Section attended to BCC and charged 28 year old, Ryan ROULETTE, with the following offences: Resist Arrest x2, Escape Lawful Custody, Assault PO with Weapon x3, Dangerous Operation of MV, Fail to Stop at Scene of Accident x3, Flight While Pursued by PO, Theft MV (Attempted), Theft MV and Robbery with Violence.  ROULETTE is to appear in court December 9th, 2022.

As a result of the assaults on Correctional Officers, two of the officers suffered swelling and bruising and the third suffered a large contusion with abrasions to his head and neck.