Life in the ECHL for Brandon’s Stallard and Schoonbaert

Jordan Stallard

I think a perception exists is that playing in the ECHL is a very good paying job and glamorous at the same time…well both of those assumptions are not correct.

Salaries range from $575.00 to $1,100.00 USD per week.   Players do get free rent included in their contracts.

Brandon’s Jordan Stallard, a former Winnipeg Jets draft pick, and Brad Schoonbaert are both suiting up this season in the ECHL for the Kansas City Mavericks.

BDNMB.CA sat down with these two and fired some questions at them.

What is a normal game day routine?

Stallard – I don’t have any specific routine on game day.  I will always have a coffee at the rink, then hop on the ice for morning skate. After that I will eat a big pre game meal 5-6 hours before the game then make sure to get at least an hour nap in. I don’t like being at the rink too early for a game so I will show up 2 hours before, get another coffee as soon as I get to rink, have our meetings, do an off ice warm up and then we’re ready for the game.

Do people recognize you guys at restaurants, stores, etc?

Stallard – I haven’t been there long enough to really know what it’s like but my first time out to a restaurant after the game some fans did come and talk to us as we were leaving so that was cool to see

Best part about playing in Kansas City?

Stallard – The best part about playing is KC is being able to be a part of such a great organization and living in a city that is so passionate about their sports. And also being able to be there with two of my good friend is a bonus

Do you think this ECHL is a big step up in talent from USPORTS?

Schoonbaert – The pace is very similar to a good U Sports game but everybody is just a little better at everything and there are no easy nights. We have a record of 20-7-1 and we’ve only won by more than two goals twice. The style is a lot different as well because we play so many more games.

Brad Schoonbaert


How hard is it to be patient to wait for more ice time?

Schoonbaert – It’s not easy to be patient sometimes and there was a tough stretch in November for sure but I kept myself ready and have been playing lots lately and trying to help the team any way I can.

What are the living conditions like and travel?

Schoonbaert – Our living situation is one of the top in the league I would say. We are only 2 minutes from the rink and our apartment complex is brand new and there’s lots of things to do in and around the complex.

Travel isn’t as bad as people think because we travel on a sleeper bus and drive through the night so when you wake up you are at your destination. And if it is a longer trip we fly. So the travel isn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting.

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