Local curling team records rare eight-ender

L to R, Jamie Eiriksson, Lorelle Pegus, Kortney Teale and Kristin McLellan.

Curling, a sport known for its precision, strategy, and camaraderie, recently witnessed an extraordinary feat that left the curling community buzzing with excitement. The achievement in question was a rare and impressive “8-ender” by a local curling team.

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The team (together for 3-years) responsible for the extraordinary accomplishment was comprised of Kristin McLellan, Kortney Teale, Lorelle Pegus, and Jamie Eiriksson. The 8-ender happened during the first end of league play, on December 21st, at the Brandon Curling Club.

“We didn’t believe it had happened and were in shock. It is very hard to score 8 with the hammer and we had stole 8. We didn’t want to make a scene because of how the 8 ender was scored so we kicked the rocks away. Then immediately regretted it, but thankfully someone had taken a photo from upstairs so we recreated it to have a memory of how the stones were placed” Kristin McLellan told bdnmb.ca about the accomplishment.

For their efforts the team were recognized by Curl Manitoba with 8 ender crests.

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