Local real estate agent Zack Munn delivers dog houses to Peguis

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Zach Munn, a local real estate agent, has always had a deep passion for dogs.  Therefore, after hearing about how dogs were living on the Peguis First Nation he decided to reach out to local sponsors and build dog houses from scratch.

About his initial plan Zack said  “I was kind of thinking about making 5 – 10 dog houses so I thought let’s see if I can get some financial help and the story went very well…so I thought well I can make more houses.”  “We had enough funds to make 18 houses” added Zack.

“We put it out on Manitoba Fosters on Facebook and had a really good response from that page and some local people were very passionate about it” continued Zack about why he built the dog houses for the community of Peguis.

Other than the money raised Zack said he also had help from Devon Leblanc and others.  “Tanner Kaspick, Jordan Ludwig from BBI, Evan Keller donated 10 heated dog dishes, Cal Taylor, Justin Watters, Brett Konkin, Tracy Adams, Sherwin Williams Brandon, Feed the Fur Babies Canada donated dog food and Trevor Horn, Josh McKay, Bryan Kauk and my Dad all offered their help and support.”

Going forward Zach Munn said that this was a huge project and will take some planning and looking at prior to doing this once again.

Wheat King, Tanner Kaspick lending a hand.

Devon Leblanc in Peguis installing the dog houses.