Manitoba Won’t Charge Provincial Sales Tax on Federal Carbon Levy


The province is taking action to shield Manitobans from an increase in the cost to their home-heating bills.  It will not apply the provincial sales tax (PST) to the federal government’s carbon tax, Premier Brian Pallister announced today.

The federal government has made clear its intention to charge the Goods and Services Tax (GST) on top of the carbon tax, which would in effect tax Manitobans twice.  When combined with the impact of the federal carbon tax on home heating, this decision will cost the average Manitoba household $92 more in 2019, topping out at approximately $230 by the year 2022.

“Ottawa is charging federal sales tax on top of its carbon tax, meaning Manitobans will be hit twice on their natural gas bills,” said Pallister.  “The added cost of charging GST on top of the federal carbon tax means Manitobans will have less disposable income at the end of the month.  Affordability matters and we are ensuring Manitobans will not be triple charged.”

The premier confirmed Manitoba will implement an exemption to ensure the PST will not apply on the federal carbon tax.  The measure will save Manitoba families and businesses $3.6 million in 2019.

“We are putting money back on the kitchen table for families, seniors and households across the province,” said Pallister.

He noted Manitoba does not accept the federal government’s imposition of a higher, rising carbon tax, and will continue to move forward with implementing the Made-in-Manitoba Climate and Green Plan without a carbon tax.