Opening of Willowdale Crescent, New Stop Control Configuration


(City of Brandon PSA)

The City of Brandon has set the reopening date of Thursday August 11, 2022 for Willowdale Crescent west of 26th Street, as a part of the completion of Phase 2 for Contract A-1 from 2021.

This reopening includes the reassignment of the minor street in the 3-way stop located at Willowdale Crescent and Silver Birch Drive. Previously, the through street was the east leg of Willowdale Crescent and the south leg of Silver Birch Drive. Reconstruction of Willowdale Crescent has included the reconfiguration of the through road to be Willowdale Crescent.

As a result of this redesign, some changes have been made:

  • The stop control has been removed for eastbound Willowdale Drive at Silver Birch Drive;
  • The stop control is now in effect for northbound Silver Birch Drive for left turning traffic;
  • A merge lane has been added for northbound Silver Birch Drive traffic turning right onto eastbound Willowdale Crescent;
  • A dedicated left turn lane for westbound Willowdale Crescent traffic wanting to turn south on Silver Birch has also been included.

A picture referencing the new design and signage at this intersection has been included