Police warn against phone scammers impersonating police, government agencies


Source: Brandon Police Service Media Release

We continue to receive dozens of reports per day regarding the current telephone scam in which fraudsters pretend to represent government agencies, such as Service Canada or police agencies, in order to gain unsuspecting victim’s trust, personal information, and money.

The most current variation of the scam involves fraudsters advising that your social insurance number (SIN) has been blocked, compromised or suspended.

Often these phone calls begin as a robocall prompting you to press ‘1’ to speak to an individual. Do not press one, and simply hang up.

Fraudsters are asking victims to send money in a variety of ways. One way is via Bit Coin, as it is extremely difficult for authorities to track.

If you have sent money and given personal information over the phone, you are a victim, please call Brandon Police Service at 204-729-2345.

If you merely received one of these phone calls, but did not fall victim to the scam, you do not need to inform police. We are very aware that they are occurring, as we too are receiving these calls.