Province invests $5.75 Million for Pavement, Signal Upgrades on Trans-Canada Highway

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As part of its comprehensive plan to improve the safety, functionality and reliability of the provincial highway network, the Manitoba government is investing $5.75 million for pavement and signal upgrades on a 2.2-kilometre section of the Trans-Canada Highway, including both the eastbound and westbound lanes of this twinned roadway in the city of Brandon, Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Doyle Piwniuk announced today.

“Our government recognizes the increasing population and growing economy in the city of Brandon and is responding with appropriate improvements to support this growth,” said Piwnuik. “Projects like this will accommodate increasing traffic and promote development in the area, as well as support free-flow conditions on the Trans-Canada Highway. These investments are critical for economic recovery and growth, which remain at the centre of our plan for a stronger, more prosperous Manitoba.”

Rehabilitating the pavement improves the serviceability and safety of the roadway while upgrading the signals enhances operations at the intersections and provides a more reliable vehicle detection system for future traffic capacity. These upgrades improve efficiency on this major interprovincial and international trade route, noted the minister.

As part of the project, the section of the Trans-Canada Highway between the two junctions of Provincial Trunk Highway 10, plus an additional 300 metres of roadway in either direction will be resurfaced. To maximize the lifespan of the repairs, the project will use Superpave asphalt mix, which minimizes cracks and ruts and lasts up to 20 years.

The minister noted earlier project designs had planned to add a thin overlay over the existing pavement. However, given the importance of this section of the provincial highway network, the department decided to proceed with an expanded project as part of its overall strategic investments in Manitoba’s key international trade corridors. The expanded project will mill the roadway to remove deteriorated pavement and then add 10 centimetres of Superpave.

The project will also upgrade the traffic detection equipment at both intersections to a more reliable system that can be easily adjusted for future traffic capacity.

“The City of Brandon is thrilled to see the investment that the province is making in the important upgrades for this prominent section of the Trans-Canada Highway between First and 18th streets in Brandon,” said Mayor Jeff Fawcett, City of Brandon. “Our city and region are growing and improvements such as these will ensure safe passage for all motorists from near and far.”

Zenith Paving was awarded the contract to pave the Trans-Canada Highway. The concrete work has started, with the entire project to be completed by summer 2023.