Provincial Government Planning to Address Possible Postal Disruption

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The Manitoba government is mailing employment and income assistance cheques for October early to avoid being delayed by a possible postal service disruption on Sept. 26.

Manitobans who currently receive payments or benefits by direct deposit will not be affected.  It is strongly recommended that individuals consider signing up to have benefits or cheques deposited directly.

In addition, due dates for provincial tax returns will remain the same.  Taxpayers are encouraged to use the online service TAXcess, to file, pay and view business tax accounts.  Visit for more information.

Individuals can call 1-866-626-4862 (toll-free) or visit with questions about the Manitoba government’s plan if there is a postal disruption.

The Manitoba government mails approximately 50,000 cheques every month.  Regular government mail will continue until a postal strike or lockout occurs.

If a postal disruption occurs, distribution centres will be opened and information on how to pick up a cheque will be made available.