Resident Says 9th & Van Horne “A Hotspot for Dangerous Driving” following todays accident

Photo by: Liam Pattison Photography

Over the noon hour on Thursday, Brandon Fire and Emergency Services and Brandon Police Service attended a collision in the 9th St and Van Horne Ave intersection. Two vehicles collided, which sent one off the road way and into a snowbank.

A local resident who lives near the intersection says, “I always see people blowing the stop sign here, they seem to never slow down, and it’s dangerous.” They continued with, “Some day, there’s going to be a pedestrian who gets hurt or killed here. People need to slow down and be more careful at this intersection.”
Thankfully there were no injuries at this collision, and fire crews cleared within 20 minutes.  Photos by: Liam Pattison Photography.
Photo by: Liam Pattison Photography
Photo by: Liam Pattison Photography