Tiger Hills Hockey League adds 2 teams. loses 1



The Tiger Hills Hockey League (THHL) will have 16 teams hitting the ice for the 2022/23 season. Last season the league operated with 15 teams. Boissevain will take a 1-year leave of absence.  New to the league for the coming season will be a team from Rivers and Miniota-Elkhorn, who move over from the North Central Hockey League (NCHL).

This season each team in the THHL will play an 18 game schedule. The league will be broken down into 4 divisions and 2 conferences. Each member club will play a home and home against the teams in their respective division and then 1 game against the other clubs. Games are expected to start the weekend of October 21. There will also be an import rule implemented this year as well.


Earlier in the week the NCHL announced the league was taking a 1-year pause as there would not be enough teams to form a league for the 2022-23 season. As mentioned earlier, Minitoa-Elkhorn will join the THHL. The Swan Valley Axemen, who played in the NCHL last season will join the Sask East Hockey League along with another team from Manitoba, the Grandview Comets.